My goal is to show people that trusting Jesus is the greatest adventure.

My goal is to show people that trusting Jesus is the greatest adventure.

Adventures in Theology

Everything I do revolves around being saturated in the study and communication of the biblical text. I work for Newbreak Church, a network of five churches in San Diego county with missional efforts around the world. My ministerial role involves lots of researching, writing, and teaching which all facilitates discipleship. 

I have been doing ministry since 2013. My academic journey has always been in tandem with the "boots on the ground" approach to ministry. I hold theology and everyday life in a close relationship and so it is reflected in how I approach my academic pursuits while being in full-time ministry. I have a Bachelors in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in biblical Greek and am pursuing a Master of Arts in New Testament.

My mantra is simple: Read the Story; Trust the Story; and Live the Story of the Bible.

We cannot be just passive readers. And our journey into embodying the life of the text cannot happen if we don't trust the message for us in it. And so these three things are part of how we make the Bible not just a book to be read, but a story to be experienced! Join me on this journey and let's discover how there is no greater adventure than knowing the God of the Bible. Let's get to know the Author of the cosmos and what He is inviting us into. Oh, my friends, this is far too exciting to call it anything less other than an adventure! 

Episode 04.

The Courage to Trust (Joshua 1:5-9)

What makes the heroes of the Bible distinct is their faith. Most of us know that. But what does that even mean? In this episode, we cover how trust involves courage. We have to have the courage to trust God if we want to play a vital role in His plan!

Episode 14.

The New Earth
(Reimagining Heaven, Part 3)

God's endgame plan is not to discard his creation, but to make a new creation: a new universe, with a new earth! As it turns out, the Christian hope is not the end of the world, but the renewal of it. And for those who trust Jesus, we get to participate in the resurrection of the whole creation. 

Episode 32.

How Can We Be Full of the Spirit But Continually Filled by the Spirit?

Ephesians 5:18 instructs us to be continually filled with the Spirit. Yet, we are also told that we are, already, filled with the Holy Spirit. How do we bring these two things together? The answer will actually be a lot more practical to our daily lives than you may think!

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